Be different

Ever since I left home at 16 I’ve made a conscious decision to be different. I spent the previous 4 years as a Jehovah Witness and even before that I always wanted to fit in and be the same as everyone else. So what magically changed when I was 16? I decided I didnt want … Continue reading Be different

Hidden Identity

After only a week of blogging my secret identity has been blown already. A fellow student follows both my profiles on twitter and as we got to talking he seems to have figured out who I am. What to do? Originally I had the idea that I wanted to keep my identity hidden because baring … Continue reading Hidden Identity


Do you ever feel like your not sure whether your coming or going? I like to fill my life to the brim with activities and plans and all sorts. I remember when I was clinically depressed and in a really bad way and I didn’t do much of anything. I wonder if I fill my … Continue reading Juggling

Quality Time

What a fabulous day! I just love it when a day is filled to the brim with good things. Most of all I love it when all five of us are together. I am part of a blended family and so half the time there is three of us and the other half the time … Continue reading Quality Time


Since my wellbeing appointment on Wednesday I have felt quite jangled and a bit disoriented to be honest. Even though it wasn’t a proper counselling session, the mental health practitioner had asked for a brief idea of what was bothering me. I sort of felt as though the lid keeps getting ripped off of my … Continue reading Procrastination

Top priority

Having been diagnosed with depression and anxiety some years ago now, I am better able to spot the signs and triggers which make me topple. Although my mental health problems in the past were due to several bereavements all at once, it is very different now. I went into uni today to the wellbeing service … Continue reading Top priority